Lately I’ve been thinking about the people outside my family who have influenced my growth both as a human being and more specifically as a Muslim. I find that I quote these people often in my writings and in my everyday life, and so I decided to enumerate the ones that came to my mind … Continue reading Influences

Our Journeys

This evening, a couple of capoeiristas (practitioners of Capoeira) from my group went to do some training at our usual spot, a local gymnastics gym. (If you’ve never been to one, I would recommend you go if you’re able). Our mestre (master) gave us a hiatus for the week of Christmas and the following week … Continue reading Our Journeys

Facebook Fomentations Part 2

Here’s the second part of this two part series. I’m posting these because I feel our discussion is relevant for contemporary Muslims, regardless of the position of your stance. Again, I’ve left the surnames of the interlocutors to protect their identities. Also, anything in brackets [] is something I’ve added for clarification. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Anthony: I’ve … Continue reading Facebook Fomentations Part 2