Nightrunner: the Algerian Batman of France

3 thoughts on “Nightrunner: the Algerian Batman of France”

  1. Indeed, this -just like what you said- is one of many symbolism of acknowledgement of Muslim in the West (although indirectly). But then, somewhat I just afraid that portrayal of Muslim in West pop culture can be either interpreted or represented wrongfully (don’t forget to mention that Nightrunner itself could be one of that). Although I don’t live in the West, I myself worried about this because I am Muslim and I’ve seen enough conflicts because of this stereotype perspective of Muslim in the West.

    Anyhow, Assalamu’alaikum from me.

    1. Wasalaam Marrokka

      Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it.

      To my knowledge, comics really aren’t part of pop-culture in the West, quite the opposite in fact. But I think you’re correct in that DC Comics could portray Nightrunner in the same way that we see the Western media represent Muslims. Comics, though, tend to be pretty liberal and tend to attract liberal audiences, especially today, so I’m not worried about this too much.

  2. Assalam u Alaikum, both of you.
    You know, this shows how much comics are evolving, creating characters of all races, and this guy is awesome.
    And hey, they haven’t messed him up yet, have they?

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