Can I Please Get a Muslim(ah) Stephenie Meyer?

5 thoughts on “Can I Please Get a Muslim(ah) Stephenie Meyer?”

  1. I agree with you completely. Narratives are what shape people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs. I would like to read the stories you are drafting. My focus is on narrative theory, so it’s right up my alley. I suppose that your stories would be fiction? I am curious as to how you would incorporate Islamic knowledge into a storyworld–this can be risky?–but then again, I am not sure what you are trying to do. I say, give it a try.

    Oh, I actually worked on a project called “Hijabi Monologues” where the founder and writer collected stories from hijabis (the stories were rarely connected with hijab, but rather life experiences). The experiences were so universal that the stories always clicked with audiences despite their age, race, culture, religion, etc. We shared them on a stage in front of a live audience. What was beautiful about these stories is that they capture common human emotion (fear, happiness, laughter) in a way that “academic” narratives cannot. You may want to check those out too and see how they fall in-line with the project you’re currently working on.

    1. I’d very much appreciate it! Really, I would. I would be in your debt. I feel so strongly about this it’s not even funny. I’d also like to look at some of the Hijabi Monologues you’re speaking about. You’ve mentioned them to me a few times before and I’ve never had a chance to check them out. Would you mind sending me a link to them?

      As for incorporating knowledge of Islam and Muslim history, I know it’s possible because it’s been done before: the 99 comic book series is a good example. Also, Christians like C.S. Lewis have been incorporating Christian ideas in fiction for quite some time. If Christians can do it, why can’t Muslims? This is something I’ve been researching and I still have a ways to go before anything substantive materializes. I usually pursue this in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of.

      1. You can find the entire performance that took place at the Kennedy Center through this link:

        This is more of a performance, but it’s about narrativizing nonetheless. I am interested in learning about the goals you have through your fiction and how you can make the stories you have in mind appeal to a universal audience…Let me know when you got something and I’d be glad to read it and offer my modest criticism.

        You sis in Islam,

  2. Thanks for the link, sis. Insha’Allah, I’ll watch it and let you know what I think. I’ll finally get to watch some hijabi thespians represent!

    Goals of fiction? I think an example might describe what I’d like to accomplish. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the cartoon show Avatar: the Last Airbender (not the crappy movie, which was based off the show), but it’s the perfect example of what I’m trying to do. In case you haven’t heard of it, essentially, what the creators did is they crafted a world based upon the pre-modern Far Orient, specifically China and a bit of Japan, and as such, the crux of the plot has at its base Buddhist mythology and philosophy. Yet, despite it’s obvious Buddhist leanings, the show appealed to EVERYONE (I literally haven’t met a person who’s watched it and hasn’t liked it) because 1) the audience could identity with the main characters (narrativization, thank God for neologisms) 2) the writing was SUPERB (just watch a few episode and you’ll see what I’m talking about) and 3) the premise of the show was just cool: who wouldn’t like Chinese martial arts mixed with elemental powers? The creators demystified the Orient and Buddhist mythos by creating this incredible narrative. I see absolutely no reason why Muslims can’t do something similar with our own ideas and history.

    The task might be harder for us because of geo-politics, but I KNOW it can be done. A decent, well written plot with deep characterization WILL draw people, regardless of geo-politics. There are so many cool stories in our history and our mythos that I’m surprised someone hasn’t tapped into it already. Plus, believe or not, the Qur’an is a gold mine for fiction material, and by this, I certainly don’t mean to trivialize the Qur’an. It could just be my imagination, but sometimes I’ll be reading it and a particular verse will trigger an entire premise for a story, usually a science fiction one. No joke.

    That’s my goal, insha’Allah. I’m an engineer by education, so my writing could suck, but I gotta try at least. My mom used to say, “nothing beats a failure but a try,” and mother’s are always right – well – most of the time they’re right.

    Thanks sis!

    Your bro in Islam

  3. I agree with you completely, Anthony. It’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to go into my field. There simply isn’t enough mainstream acceptance of Muslims as part of the cultural milieu.

    I look forward to seeing your story realized someday. I know you’re capable of amazing feats.

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