The Ropes

3 thoughts on “The Ropes”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are honest and I like that they get to the root of all humanity. That is, it reflects the desire that drives humans 9(despite their religion) to do good; wanting for others as we want for ourselves.

    I agree with you that it is hard to imagine the kind of conditions that the Egyptian people are enduring as we comfortably blog from our homes. It is disturbing to say the least. All we can do is offer prayers and support (at least those of us who are helpless in the situation). What is most beautiful about this is that it has showed how people can unite despite their differences to fight against injustices. And it is so beautiful because it is their fight. Insh’Allah, the rest of the world will stop interfering unless it is to help in forwarding their cause towards a just and stable democracy.

  2. This is painfully beautiful, Anthony. I hope one day you get to visit Egypt and travel other places, too. And I’m happy to read that you still have at least a thread of hope in the rope of Allah… Praying that final, tiny thread somehow, miraculously, doesn’t break. I love the passage you quoted at the beginning. I’ve never before read it.

    You know, as I was listening to Slingshot hip hop, by some Palestinian young people, one guy claimed “We are the black people of the Middle East.” Maybe, just maybe they understand a bit of what it’s like to be Black in America. Or Black in the world, for that matter… Maybe they would rejoice in a Black people’s revolution. But then, it’s a complex world… For I don’t see lots of Black people clamouring for Palestinian freedom either. But maybe that’s because Black people are still trying to shake free themselves…

    My forever prayer for you is that someday you’ll find a community where you truly feel at Home. For now, I’m happy you’ve found capoeira.

    *sigh* Reality is complex and painful. Hope. Hope. Hope. May she never be too far away…

    Love you brother. Keep writing… And keep resisting and persisting, as Ms. Suheir Hammad declares:

  3. Thank you Anthony for the beautifully written article .MashahAllah, may Allah bless you ,Ameen. You write with your heart and I am feeling your emotions and I understand it and also agree with you, SubhanAllah .I hope you will visit us .I really look forward to having dinner and talking to you .
    With my love and duas for your happiness always .
    You are a blessing to these old eyes .May Allah bless you and bring from you a change that is much needed in our community ,Ameen .May You rise in the spirit of Hadrat Umar (RA) and set straight this pure nonsense that exist in the name of countries,cultures and traditions all so far from the ways of our beloved Prophet Sallahu Alaihe Wasallam .
    A few weeks ago I had to wash a body of a black woman who had died from burns .Her feet were white as a white woman’s feet ,SubhanAllah ,as her outer layer had peeled off .You could not tell whether the foot belonged to a black or a white women .SubhanAllah she lay so beautifully and so peacefully and all I felt was the beauty of a soul with no physical form to it You see I had never seen her when she was alive and had no clue of what she really looked like .But SubhanAllah our souls connected and said our goodbyes.
    Jazakumullahu Khairan
    Aqueela Aunty
    He who bows before God can stand before anyone

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