In The Shadows of Giants

One thought on “In The Shadows of Giants”

  1. Faulkner is an acclaimed writer, but I have to admit that I haven’t come to love him nor enjoy his work. Only appreciate it. Too many uncomfortable representations (of African Americans, of women, of disabled bodies)–I still haven’t figured out what he was trying to do with it all–He also writes (and is famous for) experimenting with stream of consciousness. If understand perfectly well why you wouldn’t want to read Ulysses (I am trying to see how I dodge it in the MA exam). Faulkner wrote many short stories–It may be easier to dip into Faulkner’s style through his shorter pieces first. At least it was for me. I also recommend The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom! Though, I still can’t say I loved either of them. Again, just really appreciate what he is trying to do with perspective. But, I warn you. It may get uncomfortable–I am having my students read “Dry September” (it’s on lynching). Let me know if you want any of his stories via PDF. I have most of them.

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