Islam and Hip-Hop

“You scared to be yourself, cause you in a trance Feel free, hear the music and dance If you cared what they think, why wear what they wear, just for you Dumb niggaz with long beards like they Arabs or Jews or from Israel, Bismillah al-rahman, al-rahim (In the name of Gad, the Most Gracious, … Continue reading Islam and Hip-Hop

Ze New Law!

(Note: I don’t endorse the stereotypical French caricature; it’s the substance of the cartoon I wanted to highlight.) It’s a brilliant idea: let’s empower and liberate women by telling them what they both must and mustn’t wear, fining them for not adhering to the law as such, and even jailing them as such. Yeah. That’s … Continue reading Ze New Law!

Al-Asma Al-Husnaa

Al-asma al-husnaa, the most beautiful names: in whatever human tongue, no doubt they belong only to God, al-awwal wal-akhir, the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. Much benefit is found in reflecting upon them, committing them to memory, and implementing them in daily life, as the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم once stated. … Continue reading Al-Asma Al-Husnaa

Quater-life Crises

My life is officially on auto-pilot. Or cruise control. Or maybe it has even become like an automatic transmission: depress the brake, shift to the Drive gear, depress the accelerator, and go. That’s it. No clutch necessary, no sense of speed necessary, no intuition of the car necessary, no foot coordination necessary. No nothing. A … Continue reading Quater-life Crises