In Jama’ah With the Birds

4 thoughts on “In Jama’ah With the Birds”

  1. “Though I’m generally not in the company of other humans for fajr, I do recite with my feathered brethren during those dark morning hours when the sky is being painted with topaz, lavender, and crimson.”
    This was such a nice post to read! Loved it, loved it, loved it! You don’t need to apologize for not being able to make mosque in the morning for fajr! Not everyone can do this, and Allah has given us the option of praying from the comfort of our own homes (so we can crash back in our beds as soon as we are done)! You know, one things I really missed during the winter months were the birds in the morning. I never appreciated them until they were absent in winter. When I heard the first birds on those first days of spring, I was like “subhanAllah!” It’s amazing! God’s amazing! 🙂

  2. aslamoalikum wrwb ,
    my bird also do the same though i live in canada , its out side my window for tahajud and fajr and maghrib , i heard her today again and say to my self my birds can sing and do this for sake of ALLAH i have to put more efforts.

  3. Mashallah! , i was wandering across the internet and researching about blessings of Jam’ah, and the first page i stumbled upon was this blog, Subhan Allah , May Allah bless us with the ability to pray 5 times in jam’ah

  4. There is one particular bird…which sings about 10 Seconds before the call of adhan. Its melodious and sweet sounding. I want to know what bird that is…? can anyone help…?

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