Adventures in Türkiye: Göreme (Kapadokya)

I’m in Göreme, Kapadokya, the “Land of Beautiful Horses” (in Farsi), and I’m about to leave towards Antalya for a self-guided tour along the Western coast of Türkiye. Insha’Allah, I’ll stop in Antalya first. Then, God-willing, I’ll visit Olimpos (Olympos), Bodrum, Ephesus, and Izmir. From Izmir, I’ll fly to Van, a town near the eastern border … Continue reading Adventures in Türkiye: Göreme (Kapadokya)


“Good Luck? Who needs good luck? Make your own damn luck.” While perusing through YouTube, I found this old montage from back in the days when Cartoon Network began showing anime (Japanese animation) as part of their immensely popular afternoon programming session called Toonami. As a young teenager, everyday after school I would tune into … Continue reading [Dreams]

Everybody’s Grudge

“I tell you, it’s always something sweet Jesus! And when it ain’t something, you’re dead! Life is a bitch, and then you die…or you marry one.” ~My Mom Yesterday, of all the places on God’s chromatic earth, I had the rare, opportune fortune of meeting some colleagues of mine from the University of Florida, in … Continue reading Everybody’s Grudge

Adventures in Türkiye: Hagia Sophia, Kapalı Çarşı, and Topkapı Sarayı

I trekked on foot back to Sultanahmet from the Eminönü district so that I could visit the illustrious Hagia Sophia, the historic church/masjid/museum – but not before praying jummah in one of the many grand masjids in Istanbul. The khutba (sermon, homily), as one could imagine, was delivered entirely in Turkish, save for the traditional … Continue reading Adventures in Türkiye: Hagia Sophia, Kapalı Çarşı, and Topkapı Sarayı