Adventures in Türkiye: My First Days in Istanbul

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Türkiye: My First Days in Istanbul”

  1. Masha’Allah! Turkey is on my top places to travel! Embrace being “different,” as you said, in Turkey. Don’t mind the stares (people aren’t as politically correct as Americans tend to be, anyways)! Turkey soooo beats being in Ohio right now! 😀

    “now that I’m here, the moment possesses a certain surreality, a lucid dream-like quality, which renders me in a perpetual state of awe, like a young, innocent child enamored with the world.”
    Very poetic, very heartfelt! I can’t say anything more than have a great trip and post regularly (with pictures)!!

  2. Dude! So glad to hear you did it! I didn’t even know you left; it’s incredible to me to think of just taking off.

    I’m loving the pics and stories. I really appreciate you taking the time to share online; I get to share your travels in some small way.

    I hope your travels are everything you wish them to be 🙂

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