Adventures in Türkiye: Epilogue

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Türkiye: Epilogue”

  1. Reading your words, Anthony, is like praying. I feel so connected to the One — the Most Gracious, the world, universe, humanity, myself, everything. Thank you for this gift.

    “I hadn’t planned on doing any soul-searching while abroad but such was the natural consequence when traveling…”

    That’s what always happens to me, too. A trip will start off for fun and end in majestic exploration of self. I think it’s because you’re away from home for a short period of time and regain perspective about the beautiful variations of existence. Just like our brief journey here on earth.

    Another thanks for bringing Turkey to me, all the way here on the west siiiiide (of the planet)! Safe travels and I’m looking forward to Ramadan-ing with you.

    Your sis.

  2. You managed to deftly sum up a good portion of the vibrancy of Istanbul in this picturesque description.
    It really is a magical city, the one of a thousand contrasts…
    Just one remark: I think your translation of Allahu Akbar needs doublechecking, but great post otherewise! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the kudos, sis!
      I’m pretty sure, technically speaking, “Allahu Akbar” does translate to “God is Greater,” but since I didn’t offer a comparison as to what, it should be “God is the Greatest.” I usually leave it as “God is Greater” and then explicate it further whenever I use it but in this case I didn’t.

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