The Road Not Taken

One thought on “The Road Not Taken”

  1. That poem is a very good one indeed but I’ve always wondered, if everything is predestined then, how do we know that two paths cannot be identical? We will never know because when we choose, we decline to know the truths of the other path.

    Nevertheless, it is good that you are doing what you think is best, Alhamdulilah. Does this mean that you no longer need your nuclear engineering degree? If so, can I have it? lol, I joke. If you are drawn to learning and feel comfortable sharing your opinions with many people, then teaching is probably for you. My fear with teaching is saying something wrong and having that idea touch base with a student thus shaping them in some way (assuming that way is negative). But maybe I should have more confidence in the things I say. Mashallah, it’s great feeling like you’re getting to know yourself and your aspirations better. I taught Math to ‘at-risk’ Middle Schoolers for a year and I must admit, I could actually see myself teaching. Don’t get me wrong, THEY WERE BAD AS HELL! But, alhamdulilah, there are those moments when one of them says something to you so heart-warming that all the bad washes away and you say ‘you know, this might be worth the struggle’. There is a story behind everyone.

    Best wishes and inshallah khair with everything. Salams

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