Ramadan Meditations I: To Chase the Setting Sun

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Meditations I: To Chase the Setting Sun”

  1. Salam Brother Luqman,

    I pray you are doing wonderful wherever in the great wide world you are in. Don’t know if you remember me but we once interacted for quite some time on a thread about intercultural marriages on virtualmosque.com (previously known as suhaibwebb.com).

    In search of the peace that we all yearn for, I moved 9 months ago to Texas in order to study the Book of Allah. Even though that personal tranquility and peace of mind will take some more time to be fully acquired, alhamdulillah I have achieved some bit of it or perhaps more rightly put: validation from God that I previously used to seek from people.

    Nevertheless, to cut the story short; a classmate and I were talking about writing today and that how she and I write our thoughts out, especially those thoughts that we cannot articulate in real life. I told her, “Every Muslim man I considered for marriage in the past never appreciated my writing fully because they weren’t writers themselves. I know there are amazing male writers who happen to be Muslim too but I personally haven’t met one.”

    And then while reminiscing about my conversation with her as I ate my dinner a few minutes ago, I thought of you and your blog. And so…I revisited it after all these years. I wish I had the opportunity to read more as you tend to be a sporadic writer like me but this post was my favorite. Perhaps because I could relate to it in more personal ways that only someone who keeps chasing the sun from one town to another would understand.

    Anyhow, sending you many duas and blessings. May Allah swt shower you with His infinite mercy. Ameen.

    1. Salaams Sidra,

      I hope this reply finds you well and in good spirits. I do recall our interactions on the post concerning intercultural marriages on (what is now) virtualmosque.com, though I admit I don’t exactly recall the nature of those exchanges. Quite possibly, I was being my usual cynical and pessimistic self regarding the issues of race and cultural hegemony within the Muslim community. I’m sure that was probably the case. Be that as it may, I’m grateful we were to reconnect again, especially via the words I’ve written on this humble blog.

      Reading your comment, I’m reminded that I have once again lapsed into a protracted state of fugue when it comes to writing my thoughts as of late: just as I wrote about it my post, the tumult of being a Muslim attempting to eke out a dignified existence in America renders me so intellectually, spiritually, and physically drained that, when the time comes to peck at my keyboard, which for me is usually at night, my eyelids are already heavy from exhaustion. Maybe, with God’s help, I’ll get back to writing out my thoughts on a more regular basis.

      Truth be told, and to be frank with you sister, I believe we Muslim men – and indeed, perhaps men in general in America – are not inculcated with the emotional vocabulary essential for conveying the sorts of sentiments, thoughts, and emotions which the craft of writing demands. Couple this with the propensity towards crass materialism and one might begin to see why some Muslim men do not appreciate writing. In my ten years as a Muslim, I have only met one other Muslim man who appreciates the craft and this only recently at that.

      In a way, I’ve found that I’m both chasing the sun and fleeing the dark that envelops that land as the suns moves across the sky; so, indeed, I can totally relate. Maybe it’s more seeking refuge from what the sun leaves behind. This, I think, is better because God gives special dispensation for the travelers in this world. Whatever the case may be, I do believe one day I’ll catch it…and that you will too, insha’Allah.

      Please keep in touch, wayward sister. May He give you manifold blessing and felicity.

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